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    Multiple Myeloma

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Multiple Myeloma

Treatments for Multiple Myeloma

If you are not experiencing any signs or symptoms of multiple myeloma, treatment may not be necessary immediately. However, our doctors will monitor your condition regularly for any signs that the disease is advancing. If you have symptoms, treatment can help control complications of the cancer, alleviate pain, stabilize your condition, and slow the development of multiple myeloma.

For patients who do need treatment, the following therapies are offered at Sheba:



Chemotherapy drugs are used to kill cancer cells. Chemo can be given intravenously or taken orally in pill form. High doses of chemo are also used before a bone marrow/stem cell transplant is done.



Targeted Therapy

This drug treatment focuses on particular abnormalities within the cancer cells that enable them to survive. Many targeted drugs that are used for multiple myeloma block the action of a certain substance in the cells that deconstructs proteins. Attacking this part of the myeloma cells causes the cells to die. Targeted therapy may be given through a vein in your arm or as a pill.



Radiation Therapy

This type of treatment directs beams of energy at the myeloma cells to damage them and block their ability to multiply. Radiation therapy can also be used to shrink myeloma cells in a particular area, as well as to help control bone pain.


Bone marrow/ stem cell transplant

This procedure replaces your diseased bone marrow with healthy bone marrow. Before the transplant, high doses of chemotherapy are given to destroy your unhealthy bone marrow.


CAR-T Cell Therapy

an innovative form of immunotherapy that programs the immune system to target cancer cells by using specially modified T cells


Holistic Treatments at Sheba Medical Center

We don’t just treat multiple myeloma; we treat the whole body. As we design and administer your customized cancer therapies, we will constantly consider your overall well-being and quality of life. Coping with cancer is challenging, and our compassionate team aims to provide you with treatment in the most efficient and comfortable manner possible. We offer a total range of support services, including social workers, nutrition counseling, and alternative therapies, that focus on both your physical and emotional needs. Our skilled staff works together to ensure that every patient is provided with high quality care.

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